Central Nebraska Humane Society under criticism

Hall County Humane Society under criticism (NTV News)

On Tuesday, the Hall County Board of Supervisors held an open meeting with a few major items on the agenda.

One of those items included the board's contract with the Central Nebraska Humane Society (CNHS).

The CNHS has been open for over 10 years, under a contract with the board, giving them $19,000 annually.

It came to the board's attention that the contract may need to be revised and spending might have to be more efficient.

Finances however, are not the only concern.

Euthanizing animals because of low funding, a hostile work environment and whether the facility is remaining open are a few topics brought up by the public.

“Could there ever be conversations that, 'If we don't do things that we have set forth in our plan to do, they could have ramifications'? Yes there could be those kind of statements,” said Penny Muirhead, the Central Nebraska Humane Society President.

Muirhead said there has never been a statement about closing the facility.

"There is going to be, in the next 90 days, give or take a little bit depending on spending and the influx of donations, where they will not have the capital to function,” said one attendee who crunched numbers and said that the humane society costs $70,000 a month to run.

An animal control officer that works closely with the humane society said political agendas need to take a side step for the welfare of the society and the animals.

"When these things are confronted, nothing is tying together and this inner turmoil is causing problems moving forward and we don't want to see this happen anymore,” said Rose Ausmus.

Tuesdays verdict came out to include two things:

  1. A confirmation from the county attorney and their opinion on the contract and how the tax dollars are being spent.
  2. The board formed a committee to possibly revise the contract for an agreement that fits.

The Nebraska Central Humane Society sent NTV News the following documents in response to the concerns raised.

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