Hastings strip club approved to let patrons bring their own liquor

    Hastings strip club approved to let patrons bring their own liquor (NTV News)

    The Platform Gentleman's Club in Hastings has been a hub of entertainment and now they are setting the pole higher for clubs across the state.

    The Platform is now the first gentleman’s club in the state that lets folks bring in their own alcohol.

    It took John Canterbury nearly four months before the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission approved his request for a class "M" license. An “M” license means the club cannot sell alcohol, but people visiting the strip club can bring their own.

    "The one thing we do have to add is any of the alcohol being brought in is put behind the bar and tagged with your name on it. So we do serve it to you as a bar. We cannot allow open hard liquor to go out of the building because of open container but that would be the only thing that changes as a bar but we also will store it here for you tagged,” said Canterbury, the owner of The Platform.

    Canterbury said they will have fridges and cups for drinks as well, but he expects most people will bring their own cups. Canterbury also said they go by regular bar rules.

    "You know if someone is starting to become too intoxicated or violent or anything that happens, we do have the right to shut them off even though it is their alcohol,” said Canterbury.

    John Canterbury said his employees are excited and many of the folks in the community have expressed interest.

    "Business will definitely go up. You know it's giving someone an alternative to necessarily going to the bar. We are also open later than the bars and you know, in today's economy, to be able to do something cheaper is the better way to go,” said Canterbury.

    The club will officially allow folks to bringing their own alcohol by next week at the latest.

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