Health Department investigates cause of gastrointestinal illnesses in Buffalo County


Two Rivers Public Health Department (TRPHD) is investigating a potential cluster of gastrointestinal illnesses in Buffalo County.

According to the department, lab testing has been inconclusive as to the identity of the illness as of this time. The possible source of the illness is also being investigated. TRPHD is currently focused on identifying the illness and source.

Two Rivers Public Health Department received laboratory results that were positive for a gastrointestinal illness. However, upon further investigation, the laboratory results were identified as false positives. Two Rivers is currently collecting more samples for a second round of testing, in addition to collecting environmental samples to identify the potential source.

TRPHD said updates will be provided to the public as the situation evolves. The department is working with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality in order to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the situation.

TRPHD is currently doing the following as they investigate the source and illness:

  • Patient interviews and physician consultations to help track a potential source
  • Providing education to impacted residents and local health care providers
  • On-site inspection of site to map potential environmental health sources of illness
  • Working with impacted residents for a second round of laboratory testing
  • Water sampling of the residential area

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