Healthy soil is important topic at Healthy Farms Conference

    Healthy soil important topic at Healthy Farms Conference. (NTV News)

    Organizers say healthy soil is an important topic at the annual Healthy Farms conference in Grand Island. The Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society focused on revitalization this year for their annual conference.

    The conference brings folks together to learn from each other about the best ways to keep their farms healthy and productive so that they can pass it along to future generations.

    "I think it's an increased awareness before we used to look at soil as dirt and it's actually a living, functioning system," said USDA NRCS board member Joanna Pope. "It has more biological activity in one teaspoon than the rain forest. people don't really realize that. They look at dirt as something that can just be swept outside. The soil is where we grow our food that we eat so I think people are starting to understand that more and the importance of that."

    The event was two days long, and organizers say they'll be back again next year with a new theme.

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