Heavy winter coats could compromise child car seat safety


    OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Winter coats unquestionably keep young children warm, but strapping them into a car seat while they're wearing one can also be dangerous.

    According to child passenger safety coordinators, the straps you use might look snug enough, but that's not always the case.

    "If you can pinch anything, it's not tight enough."

    Loose harnesses are a danger to young children, especially if there's a crash. Safety experts say the material of a coat tends to squash down and that can leave the straps too loose to do their job. That said, they recommend blankets for smaller children and toddlers after they're harnessed in or even putting jackets on backwards to help them keep warm.

    In other news related to car seats, a new Nebraska law takes effect this upcoming New Year's Day. It lays out specifically how children should be placed into vehicles and in what kind of seat. The new rules state children younger than two need to be placed in a rear-facing seat. Children under the age of eight must be in child restraints and sit in the back seat. It's a law local safety experts advocated for and the Nebraska Safety Council says even those traveling from out of state must follow the law.

    Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts signed the new law back in April and lawmakers gave it the green light with a 40-2 vote.

    Violating the law could cost you $25, but there is an exception to it. If you have a doctor's note detailing it's not ideal for your child to be in a booster seat because of their weight or a medical concern, you can be granted an exemption.

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