Kearney school hosts obstacle course night

    Kearney school hosts obstacle course night. (NTV News)

    One Kearney school gave kids a chance to swap roles with their parents while having fun in the process.

    From swinging to crawling and everything in between, these students and their families got to enjoy some active quality time at the Windy Hills Obstacle Course Night. Phys-ed instructors set up the gym for a week for the students during P-E classes, and school leaders say it's a great way to bring the school together as a community. They say it gives parents a chance to try their luck at the challenges as well.

    "They do, yeah, the kids are the experts, that's for sure, so that's, that's another nice piece. They get to be the expert instead of the parent being the expert," said Windy Hills Elementary School Principal Nathan Lightle. "The student gets to come in and show them how everything works and take them through it a few times."

    This obstacle course was opened to parents a couple years ago, and will continue to be an annual event.

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