Kearney Tackles Cancer celebrates 10 years of helping local cancer patients

Kearney Tackles Cancer celebrates 10 years of helping local cancer patients. (NTV News)

Ten years strong — that's how long the student-led campaign; Kearney Tackles Cancer, has helped provide money and essential needs for local patients seeking treatment at CHI–Good Samaritan's Cancer Center Since it started, hundreds of patients have been helped and more than $300,000 has been raised through fundraising events like Friday night's bbq kickoff and tee shirt sales.

Organizers say the kids' excitement about it is what keeps the momentum going along with community involvement and support-knowing that their donations are helping patients locally.

"High school kids, they want to do good and I think that's one of the most gratifying parts of it for me is to see these high school kids," said Kearney Tackles Cancer adult sponsor and CHI-Good Samaritan Cancer Center nurse Dana Welsh. "We had over a hundred kids sign up to be a part of it this year between the two schools and I think this just shows the community that these kids want to do something good for people."

"The opportunity shouldn't be limited by age, but that's just how awesome Kearney Tackles Cancer is," said Kearney Tackles Cancer student co-organizer Jack McFadden. "We have a great group of youth here at Kearney High and Kearney Catholic and it starts from the roots and that's the youth of Kearney.

Kearney Tackles Cancer is a team effort between Kearney Catholic, Kearney High and Good Samaritan. T-shirt sales will continue through Aug. 27. Friday night's BBQ included silent auction items, live music and family activities.

More information on t-shirt sales and other Kearney Tackles Cancer events throughout the school year can be found at

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