Law enforcement cautions against warming cars up during cool temps

    Law enforcement cautions against warming cars up during cool temps (NTV News)

    Local law enforcement aired a message of caution when it comes to warming up your car during cooler days.

    While it has been nice and breezy the last week, those colder temps will be here before we know it.

    Whether it is to drop a kid of at daycare or run into the gas station, Lincoln police said last year, a few folks who left their cars running ended up getting those cars stolen.

    Holdrege police officer, Leland Rodewald, said while folks might want to keep their cars warm, they could be running the risk of theft.

    Items from their car could be stolen or the car itself.

    "I would say if they're wanting to warm it up, lock it, have a spare set of keys so they can get in and out, or be in direct line of sight of the vehicle while it's warming up and I would say not warming it up for an excessive period of time," said Rodewald.

    Rodewald also mentioned that now–a-days warming up your car might not make as much of a difference. The way newer cars are built, he said it might be better not to warm up the engine.

    "There are some critics out there, some new studies with the newer vehicles it's actually more harmful to the car if it is warmed up prior to driving that getting I, starting it up and driving is better on the engine because you're warming it up faster,” said Rodewald.

    While it is important to keep your car and personal items safe, it is also important to stay safe on the road. Rodewald said folks need to start thinking of their roadside safety kits.

    "Blankets in the vehicle for when it gets to those freezing temperatures, anything along those lines, bottles of water if they do become stranded when road conditions get to be too treacherous to be traveling in,” said Rodewald.

    Officer Rodewald said many people do not expect the first ice storm of the season. They drive too fast and accidents become more prevalent. He urges folks to slow down and always be aware of their surroundings.

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