Law enforcement ramps up patrols ahead of Memorial Day weekend

Last year, 71 percent of people killed on Nebraska roads were not wearing a seat belt, according to the State Highway Safety Administrator.

Currently, law enforcement across the state is working to bring those numbers down.

This Memorial Day weekend, law enforcement will be working to make sure you get to where you're going safely. The Click It or Ticket Campaign is already underway.

Now through June 3, law enforcement agencies across the state and nation will be on the lookout for seat belt violations and other signs of dangerous driving.

According to the Nebraska Department of Transportation, 181 people died on Nebraska roads in 2016. 118 of them were not wearing a seat belt.

"It's a proven fact that seat belts save lives. It doesn't take that long, less than a minute for you and your passengers to put that seat belt on before you take a long trip. Whether you're traveling across the country or across town, you should always put your seat belt on," said Trooper Jeff Boston with Nebraska State Patrol.

Data from the State Department of Transportation shows since 1985, as seat belt usage went up the number of deaths on Nebraska roads has gone down.

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