Learning to run a marathon during Active Hastings Week

Marathon Training (KHGI)

Hastings is encouraging everyone to get up and move, and they're doing it through new, week–long initiative.

While each day of the week has a different theme, Tuesday focuses on training for a half or full marathon, with a free class lead by seasoned marathon runners. They will be providing their personal tips and tricks to getting started.

"Probably one of the biggest things that just helps is having a training plan," said class leader, Amanda Schroeder.

Schroeder said she hated running in high school and college, but to get in better shape later in life, she turned to running.

"[I] started with a few 5Ks, worked up to some 10Ks and then signed up, I don't even know how long ago it was, eight, nine years ago for my first half and it's just been something that's kept me motivated," said Schroeder.

The class talks working training into busy schedules and finding the best apparel for the run.

"So, these are my running sleeves," said Schroeder. "So, a lot of times if you start running its cooler, and we talk about the 20 degree rule. So, when you dress to go run you always want to think about dressing for it to be 20 degrees warmer than what it is."

When training for a marathon, they said ntrition is also critical.

"Even the weeks, two weeks leading up to a big race makes a big difference with how you're eating," said Schroeder. "The balance of getting enough carbs and getting enough protein, that can be a big thing come race day."

During the class, they are not only chatting about marathon training, they said this class can be for anyone.

"If anybody is interested in just starting to run we would love for you to come," said Schroeder. "Whatever distance you feel like you would like to tackle, we'd like to help just share some information to get you started because running can be such a great thing."

Organizers said there is no need to sign up in advance, simply go to the Mary Lanning Healthcare, conference room 5, at 4:00 p.m. on Monday.

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