Man dies in UTV accident near Hebron

Clayton Hergott (NTV News)

A Hebron man was killed in an UTV accident on Saturday.

Clayton Hergott, 37, was checking cattle when he was killed in an UTV accident, according to his obituary.

Hergott was part of the AgrAbility program which helps farmers and ranchers with disabilities.

"Clayton is an example of someone who has the will and the determination, the headstrong capabilities of a Nebraska farmer or rancher that have allowed him to succeed with his disability," Rodney Peterson of AgrAbility said previously.

Hergott was passionate about agriculture, and encouraged others with disabilities to never give up.

"There are other people in your shoes that are out there. If you want it bad enough and you want to fight for it bad enough, there's usually a way to figure something out one way or another," he said in November 2017.

His obituary said he departed this life doing what he loved.

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