Medical 3D Printing For Veterans

    3d printing human body. 3d printed body parts, closeup view inside 3d printer.

    The department of veteran's affairs is making an investment in 3-d printing.

    Dr. Ripley, "We have a very clear mission at the VA and that is to serve veterans, period. So if it can help a veteran and we can show the cause and the case it will help the veteran, we have license to do it."

    The VA's Innovations Lab is working with 3D printers to make custom orthotics for their patients. The one of a kind parts can range from inserts for shoes to special tools to help play video games.

    Dr. Ripley 'It allows you to create objects and shapes that normally you can't make. It also allows you to create very customized things at a fraction of the cost."

    The technology also allows for a rapid turnaround often even the same day.

    Find out more Monday, January 21 at 9PM

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