Miniature Herefords brings people together for competition, friendship


The Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals event began on Tuesday, bringing people from across the United States.

The Buffalo County Fairgrounds played host while contestants showed off their hard work and made some lifelong friendships.

Contestants, ages three to 21 came to the 5th annual even to show off their minis and make memories on Saturday.

The event brought in 100 youths from 10 states, some coming from as far away as Oregon, Ohio and even a few from Texas, like 16-year-old Alexus Eudy.

Alexus said the Mini Junior Nationals has brought her friendships she would not have otherwise.

"This is Kaitlyn, one of my best friends out here... And then you've got Jenna... She's really close to me, too,” said Eudy.

Contestants participated in seven events, including a poster contest, judging contest and a beef meal cook off.

"And it was kind of funny that we were doing worst cooks in America and we had like these aprons that said worst cooker in America and we had these nice chef hats,” said Roma Inscoe.

Saturday was the last of the main events, with many of the participants showing their calves and still, at any age, learning a thing or two to bring back next year.

"Being a part of this big national thing, probably has taught me that teamwork goes a long way,” said Eudy.

"... That I have to hold my head up high for my heifer,’’ said Inscoe.

"Practice and try your best... Practice hard every day,” said two young contestants.

If you have considered joining a show like this, these contestants say the mini's might be stubborn, but they are worth the work.

"Well I would say it's really fun and you can get a great experience and you can maybe win some contests,” said Eliza Jex.

"Well I would say, just come ahead and join us,” said Layne White.

Next year's Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals will be in Claremore, Okla.

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