Missing dogs might not be stolen dogs after all

Missing dogs might not be stolen dogs after all (NTV News)

Pet owners in Grand Island and Hall County might be barking up the wrong tree if they think their dogs are being stolen.

Despite an uptick of reports that dogs are being stolen, Animal Control officers from the Central Nebraska Humane Society told NTV News they have not seen much of an increase from any other year of lost pets, and that they're likely escaping on their own.

They said they're not sure why people would think there would be cause for concern, saying there needs to be evidence of dogs being stolen. They said many factors can result in missing dogs.

"If you're noticing an increase of missing dogs it could be a number of different things, said Central Nebraska Humane Society's lead animal control officer Rose Krause." It is spring, people are going to be seeing that more often if you're not spaying or neutering your dogs they're breaking out to find a mate, so definitely keep an eye on your pet. They should be supervised at all times, especially small dogs, they slip through anything."

Krause said the only way a pet owner can tell if a dog has been stolen is by setting up security cameras, supervising them while outside, lock gates, have them micro-chipped and wearing tags. Also if you think a dog has been stolen, call police first.

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