Neb. state senator compares ICE to Nazis

    Tweet from Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt (KHGI)

    A Nebraska state senator is comparing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to Nazis.

    State Senator Megan Hunt tweet out the thread on Sunday after a tweet from a Portland comedian claiming that he was pulled off of a Greyhound bus and accused of being in the country illegally.

    “Why do I say abolish ICE? Because ‘papers please’ is no longer the province of Nazis, but is now the official policy of the government of the United States,” tweeted the District 8 senator. “Today, ICE are the villains. Every American should be outraged by this policy. ‘Papers please’ is not what Americans stand for. It’s what Nazis stood for.”

    “There are people living today for whom life under Nazi fascism was reality. They stand as reminders of our violent history, witnesses of our violent present, & motivation to stand up & show courage when freedom is in danger. The time comes to act. You’re living in it now,” said Senator Hunt.

    Hunt is a freshmen senator that hasn’t shied away from controversy, introducing a resolution to request that the federal government reopen during the shutdown.

    She’s also introduced bills on conversion therapy and taxes on feminine products.

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