Nebraska law paves way for state-of-the-art 911 system

911 mgn

A new Nebraska law is clearing the way for state officials to transition to a state-of-the-art 911 emergency system.

The Next Generation 911 system is capable of receiving information including voice, text messages, pictures and videos in an emergency situation.

LB993 was signed into with an emergency clause allowing it to take effect upon signing by the Governor.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Curt Friesen and prioritized by Senator Suzanne Geist, repealed the sunset date attached to LB938, which authorized the Nebraska Public Service Commission under the direction of the state 911 director to develop a plan to transition the state from an existing Enhanced 911 (E911) system to a Next Generation 911 system. The new legislation allows the Commission to proceed with the 911 Service System Act, Next Generation Master Plan created under LB938 for the implementation of NG911 services.

“We are excited to move forward with this important public safety legislation,” said Commission Chair Mary Ridder. “The passage of LB993 lets us continue the process of achieving a state of the art Next Generation 911 system, allowing for seamless information sharing between our citizens and 911 centers.”

NG911 is the transition of the current statewide Legacy 911 system to a secure Internet Protocol (IP) based system, utilizing high-speed data connectivity (ESInet) capable of receiving information to include voice, text messages, pictures and videos.

“We would like to thank the members of the legislature for their support of this process,” said David Sankey, State 911 Director. “Through engagement with the public safety community, industry and our citizens we have a plan that paves the way for the implementation of a sustainable 911 system that will benefit our state for generations to come.”

The PSC will now begin the process of implementation including the formation of the 911 Service System Advisory Committee, holding a workshop on funding and the issuing of RFP’s for vender hosted solutions to create the Nebraska ESInet, provide NG911 Core Services and purchase 911 related equipment.

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