Nebraska State Patrol on track to break marijuana busts record

Nebraska State Patrol on track to break marijuana bust record (NTV News)

The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) said they've already confiscated more than 4,500 pounds of marijuana this year and it's only May.

A Nebraska State Patrol sergeant told NTV News that in the past three years, they've averaged around 2,000 pounds of marijuana each year.

With where they are at this year, they think they're on track to break a record.

Routine traffic stops help lead the Nebraska State Patrol toward drug busts along Interstate 80.

Sergeant Lee Jacobsen said NSP is looking at doubling and possibly tripling what they've accomplished in terms of marijuana seizures in past years.

"Now last year total we were probably about 2,700, a year before that probably about 2,600 and the year before that probably 2,100. We are only in month four or five and we are looking at 4,000 and coming up on 5,000 pounds," said Sergeant Jacobsen.

But drugs coming through the state isn't something new.

Since 2014 they've seen an increase in store bought items in Colorado or other dispensaries in other states.

"Those stops are similar to stops we would make for drunk driving or even speeding. We want to make sure those people coming through don't come through our state. They can travel by other means if they feel like that. With that being said it's still illegal to travel across border with those drugs," said Sergeant Jacobsen.

Sergeant Jacobsen said with their training to catch these people, they're always working toward the goal of making a dent in what is out there.

"The impact can't be measured because you don't know how much is actually coming through but what ourselves and the state of Kansas, and the state of South Dakota it is still illegal is those three states. What we don't want is people travelling through either under the influence of it or even bringing it into the state," said Sergeant Jacobsen.

He said more than 90 percent of the time, the seizures come from the average traffic stop or violation of law.

"Marijuana is obviously the largest amount of drugs we come across and that's coming out of different states. We see a lot of that and that's probably what we see the most," said Sergeant Jacobsen.

Sergeant Jacobsen said THC products like edibles, as well as cocaine, meth and fentanyl are the other common drugs they see coming through the state.

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