Nuckolls County fair features rodeo royalty, runaway goats, and family fun

Surrounded by corn fields, the Nuckolls County Fair is all about agriculture (NTV News)

If you attend the Nuckolls County Fair, you’re bound to run into rodeo royalty, and maybe even a goat or two on the run.

Inside the barns pigs squeal, and occasionally a goat gets away, at a fairgrounds surrounded by corn.

That’s the setting for the biggest event of the summer in Nuckolls County where everyone’s family.

Three sets of sisters represent the county as rodeo queens and ambassadors.

Halee Kohmetscher said, “It was a dream come true when I won last year and I can't wait to see the new queen be crowned this year.”

Her sister Kristin serves as Miss Rodeo Nebraska, and their friends hold titles of queen, princess, and ambassador in other contests. These young women say they had to earn those titles.

Halee Kohmetscher said, “They do a horsemanship competition, which is my favorite part of any competition. Just because it's between you and your horse. Your horse is your best friend since you've been riding your horse.”

The Nuckolls County Fair Board doesn’t stray far from the county’s roots.

Dustin Cassell said, “We're not to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a carnival and rodeo and stuff like that, but what resources and volunteer help we have, we put on a good show with the budget.”

They put on two nights of amateur rodeo, and quality youth livestock shows, where strong number of kids learn life lessons through 4-H.

Kylie Beard is showing pigs and other animals. She said, “I really like to educate people on kind of what our community revolve around and how much work people put into it.

As for the goats who made their great escape, they were returned safely to the barn, which may serve as a warm up for the kids button busting event.

The fair runs July 18-22 and features rodeo and beer garden in the evening.

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