Nursing home residents celebrate Huskers despite their loss

Ione Strine lives at a Minden senior home and never misses a game. (NTV News)

On Saturday afternoon, one of Nebraska football's biggest fans was found in a place you may not expect.

Ione Strine lives at a Minden senior home and never misses a game.

Husker fans at Bethany Home in Minden are rooting for their team and say no matter what happens, they will always be fans.

Fans gathered around the TV to cheer on their favorite team.

As for Strine, she’s been a Husker fan for 80 years, and is always front and center for the games.

"I had three brothers and if I wanted to play, I had to play football. I was educated in football early and I just always loved it,” Strine said.

Strine said she’s not just educated, she’s an analyst in her own right.

"They don't rush the quarterback, but if that opposition quarterback just stands back there, he can throw a perfect pass,” Strine said.

The residents at Bethany Home act like family and always want to have fun.

"Just because we are here on a Saturday does not mean we don't throw on the game, have a good time, we're always screaming, yelling, and having fun. It's a good thing for them to get together and still celebrate the Husker games,” said Bethany Home activities assistant Mindy Pankoke.

With the outcome of the game, some people said these boys need to try harder.

As players Strine said Nebraska has had some better quarterbacks.

"Well like Crouch and Frost, they just know what to do,” Strine said.

As for the game next week, these fans will be anxiously waiting for the Huskers to play and say they are excited to see the outcome.

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