Open for Business: Nebraska based online boutique popping up in Doniphan

The Lush Factor (KHGI)

There is new online boutique based in central Nebraska and they are popping up in Doniphan for a one–day event.

The Lush Factor focuses on stylish moms who are looking for a fast, easy, shop-from-home way to be trendy and fashionable with no–fuss.

"Gotta be fast but we like to look good when we're on the go and just quick, so we thought the online was the best route," said owner Amanda Hadenfeldt.

Since opening two months ago, Hadenfeldt has been holding pop–up shops to help spread the word about the new boutique.

"It has worked out really great," said Hadenfeldt. "We've had a lot of fun with it and good success. The little towns are a lot of fun, people are just excited to have something to do and go to and see new people so it's really been a lot of fun."

With that fun comes a lot of work.

"It does," said Hadenfeldt. "There's a lot of packing and unpacking and hanging and putting together racks and pack it in the pick ups and yeah it works."

This time, they're popping up in Doniphan with The Vint #108, a hand crafted home goods brand.

"I just go to auctions or garage sales and I find stuff and I repurpose it, paint it, do what ever I think it needs to make it look pretty and then get it ready for everyone else," said owner and designer Mandi Brondel.

Those items will be used to help display The Lush Factor products this weekend, but the boutique has plans beyond that.

"We would love to do a Lush Box where we put the style together for you and the outfit just arrives in the mail every month,"said Hadenfeldt. "That's a goal of ours this year so hopefully that'll happen. That's just easy for those mom's who are working and got a gazillion things going on and they don't have the time to out their outfits together for themselves.

To see The Lush Factor and The Vint's designs for yourself, the pop–up shop will be this Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in downtown Doniphan at 108 E. Plum Street, behind H and H Concrete and Construction.

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