Political signs not allowed in Kearney until September 23

(City of Kearney)

The city of Kearney is reminding homeowners not to post any political signs just yet. The city says the soonest you can post your signs is Sept. 23.

They're also reminding folks that it's against city regulations to put signs on utility poles, traffic signs and trees.

They recommend keeping signs inside of a sidewalk or 15 feet from the roadside.

Below is the city code related to posting political signs in Kearney:

Section 50-103 of the City Code states: “Political Campaign Signs. Signs announcing candidates seeking public political office or pertinent political issues. Such signs shall be confined to private property and shall be placed no sooner than forty-five (45) days prior to an election and shall be removed within ten (10) days following the election to which they pertain.”

Section 3-607 of the City Code states: “It shall be unlawful for any candidate for any public office, or for any person, or persons, firm or corporation acting for or on his/her behalf with or without his/her express direction or knowledge, to fasten or attach in any manner whatsoever any political and campaign signs, poster, advertisement or notice, or cause the same to be done, upon any curb stone or upon any portion of any sidewalk or street, or upon any tree, post, pole, hydrant, bridge, pier or other structure within the limits or upon the corporate property of the City.”

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