Ranchers celebrate lead over Texas for cattle on feed

Ranchers celebrate lead over Texas for cattle on feed (NTV News)

The South Central Cattlemen hosted its annual banquet on Saturday, and among some of the things celebrated is Nebraska's lead in cattle on feed.

No state feeds more cattle than Nebraska, taking the lead over its competitors.

"I will say it's friendly competition but at the same time we like holding that title," said Dawn Caldwell, a rancher in Edgar. "We certainly have top feeding cattle states in the United States and often time there are a couple of us battling back and forth for who is number one for cattle on feed, and Nebraska just overtook Texas in that regard."

Ken Herz, Nebraska Cattlemen's vice president, credited success to the great characteristics that makes up our state.

"Nebraska is just the perfect place for feeding cattle and for the cattle industry," Herz said. "We have the right climate, we have the right resources, and we have the people for the jobs."

Cadwell said Nebraska also has a great water supply.

"We have the epicenter of beef in the whole wide world here in Nebraska," Caldwell said.

Being known as the Cornhusker State also points to reason for the success.

"We have a great corn supply, we have ethanol so we can use the distillery from the ethanol plants and finally we have the packing plants," Caldwell said.

U.S. Department of Agriculture numbers show that Nebraska had 2.55 million cattle in feedlots, ahead of Texas with 2.51 million.

This is out of all the 7 million cattle in Nebraska.

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