School supplies: find the most bang for your buck

School supplies: find the most bang for your buck (NTV News)

Back to school shoppers are making their way to the supply aisles, just weeks before class starts and those every day shoppers are looking for deals.

NTV News made it out to a few local stores where most consumers tend to go for school supplies; Walmart, Office Max and Target.

Parents and children are perusing the aisles, stocking up on the school year essentials.

"Spiral notebook, a 5-subject spiral notebook, markers, crayons, colored pencils,” said one area parent, Joann Trejo.

NTV News found some of those items Joann mentioned, at the local stores and compared the prices.

Crayola brand markers were $.97 for a ten count at Walmart, $3.49 at Office Max, and $.99 at target.

Spiral notebooks at Office Max and Walmart are $.25. The cheapest NTV News found at Target was $.29.

One Kearney parent said she actually does some of her shopping online and she may have found a better deal.

"For folders and notebooks, I can get them for less than a quarter on amazon. So I go to amazon for that, I don't buy paper products at a store,” said Jorden Tobey.

A few other items on school supplies lists include a T–I 30 X IIS calculator for $8.88 at Walmart, $10.99 at Office Max and 10.99 at Target.

There were three ring– 2 inch binders for $4.36 at Walmart, versus $7.99 at Office Max and $4.29 at Target.

With all these items, how much all together are shoppers expecting to spend?

"I say at least 50...75 dollars," said Trejo.

"I would say probably 50 dollars," Lisa Hajda.

"I budget for 100 dollars per kiddo... And then what we don't use, we put away in a separate fund and then mid year we ask the teachers what they need," said Tobey.

Now you might have to look around for some of these deals.

A few supplies lists for younger grades asks for headphones.

You can easily find a cheap pair at Walmart at the end of a supply aisle, but NTV News found an even cheaper pair for just over four dollars towards the electronics section.

Keep checking ads for other deals as the start of school approaches.

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