Small biz plow companies get more business during snow storm

    Small biz plow companies get more business during snow storm (NTV News)

    When big snow hits, smaller plow companies are out to help. One small business is helping loads of locals clear their driveways.

    Shoveling mounds of snow, it can break your back.

    Some are willing to gear up for it, planning before hand,

    "I'm well enough to do it, so it's something to do," said Larry Christensen, a Grand Island resident.

    Or have the obligation to clear their driveways.

    "It's just getting the drive way cleaned off, trying to get it before anybody drives on it. It's easier," said Adam Jurgens another Grand Island resident.

    The city and county may take care of the big roads but it's up to the individual to clear their driveways - that's where smaller plow companies come in.

    The Sure Cut LLC has been busy helping people clear snow.

    "It's been a long, long twenty four hour period," Chad Shriner, the owner of The Sure Cut LLC.

    The first snow storm on Thursday brought in 130 calls to the office - ending their day at 3 a.m.

    Then when the second snow storm and wind came Friday morning, the Sure Cut crew were at it again, barely getting rest.

    "We all got home had a few beers, relaxing. The phone started ringing at 7:30 a.m. Taco John's, Raising Cane's were like, 'hey, we need our drives thru's opened up'. I'm like we were just there. Had no idea the storm was coming through again. I mean basically did everything twice. It's hard on us, and hard on the customers because they don't budget for that," Shriner said.

    They take on any project from commercial streets.

    "Everybody's looking for the cheapest jobs. But they're not happy with it," Shriner said.

    To residential streets.

    "Residentials you can set your prices and just.. nobody wants to do it," adds Shriner.

    But he said they have no problem doing it.

    "It's a tough jobs. It takes a lot of man hours and labor to do this kind of work. And it's long hours. It's 12 hours per shift per snow it takes us," Shriner said.

    The lawn service and snow plow company said the wind chills the past couple days were a battle, but they are happy that they can get some great business during tough times.

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