The only compounding pharmacy in Hastings celebrates 15 years in business

Redline Specialty Pharmacy is the only compounding pharmacy in Hastings.

HASTINGS, Neb. — Redline Specialty Pharmacy in Hastings is the only compounding pharmacy in between Omaha and Denver, Colo.

A compounding pharmacy makes certain medications for patients by mixing ingredients together to provide the strength and dosage they may need.

Redline Specialty Pharmacy opened its new office in August 2017.

Tim Redline and his wife Hillarie Redline are the owners of the pharmacy.

The Redlines said they saw a need in Hastings to provide compounding services.

They produce everything in a high tech IV room where they make all sterile products.

"If patients have a specific need that can't be met by a commercially available medication we can formulate it and mix it here for that patient," said Tim Redline.

Since 2003, the pharmacy has been going strong.

"We started in a very small building not knowing where we would be and the community and the providers in the area have supported us and because of them were here today at years later," said Hilarie Redline.

At the new location they now have infusion suites for people who need their medications infused or injected, and they offer the Ideal Protein weight loss program.

"Were big believers in helping people improve their medical conditions and get off medications through lifestyle changes, weight loss and living a healthier life," Tim Redline said.

The Redlines said they are happy to provide their services to people in Nebraska.

"From compounding hormones for women that don't get relief from manufactured medications, to compounding medications for animals," Hilarie Redline said.

Redline Specialty Pharmacy's 15th anniversary is Saturday, Jan. 13.

Click here for more information about Redline Pharmacy.

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