Three story, 46-room hotel breaks ground in Hastings

Three story, 46 room hotel breaks ground in Hastings (NTV News)

A newer hotel company, My Place Hotels, is making its way to Hastings.

It's all a part of $40-million plan on 93-acres known as North Park Commons.

The area will soon hold a new and extended stay hotel with construction starting in July.

Members of the community came out to the site to celebrate with a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday.

"We wanted to bring another hotel. We've been in the hotel business for a while. My father has and we sold that facility last year. With North Park commons coming in here, it was an opportunity for us," said DJ&R partner David Schnase.

The space is seen as the replacement to the previous City Block Project and covers the need for more hotel rooms in Hastings.

"We wanted to bring a hotel into town because we feel like the city could use it but also because we wanted to bring something different, something unique that the city doesn't have," Schnase said.

And that, they did.

The hotel is expected to adapt to the residents of Hastings and visitors that come through.

"This hotel is going to be a three-story, 46-room extended stay hotel so that will be a good size for Hastings to be added on to," said the project manager for the hotel construction Harry Dworak.

"Trucks, people coming in like construction workers, families coming in for the softball or basketball tournaments usually have big vehicles. We expanded the parking. We have less spots but they will have more room in between them. We think that's something people will really like. We also have an outdoor grilling pavilion so we try to find out these things people like and bring it to them," said Schnase.

This hotel company is also settling in other small towns, encouraging their customers to visit other towns in the Midwest.

"My Place is extremely excited to be here in Hastings. Hastings really, the size of the town, the make-up of your market is something we are familiar with and designed to really address," said the Director of Public Relations for My Place Hotels Ngoc Thach.

The construction is expected to be completed and the hotel opened by February 2019.

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