Tom Osborne aims to inspire at United Way campaign kickoff

Tom Osborne aims to inspire at United Way campaign kickoff. (NTV News)

Husker favorite and former football coach Tom Osborne made an appearance in Grand Island on Friday for the Heartland United Way campaign kickoff.

A representative from each of the 21 local nonprofit organizations they support spoke about how each of them play a role in helping local youth and families find access to education, health and financial stability.

Osborne was chosen as a campaign chair for the event where he spoke about how his mentor program Teammates plays a role in the community.

He said although he's retired, he speaks at events like these in hopes that his words of encouragement inspire others to give back.

"I think sometimes if you sit around and watch TV all day or play golf every day, life starts to lose purpose and meaning," Osborne said. "You really only get purpose and meaning primarily from serving and doing something for other people, and so I've always been attracted to serving young people and Teammates seems to be the best thing that I can do right now."

Heartland United Way will also be hosting an event on Nov. 3 to combat poverty stricken children.

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