UNK budget cuts hit students hard

UNK budget cuts hit students hard (NTV News)

In the 24 hours since Monday's announcement from UNK officials, students are just now taking it in and realizing what has happened. The university held a press conference to explain how they plan on making up a $3.4 million budget cut.

NTV saw on Monday the devastating news from Chancellor Doug Kristensen, now students have given their side. This $3.4 million cut includes many faculty and staff positions, as well as entire sports teams. It is safe to say the over 6,600 students at the university will be affected most.

"Students are pretty upset, pretty taken aback, pretty dismayed I think from the announcements, not only from the sporting programs but from the academic side as well,” said Austin Partridge, UNK’s Student Body President.

Chancellor Kristensen proposed on Monday that 16 faculty and staff positions will be cut, but it is not just students and professors at UNK that are being affected. Cuts are being made at all 4 Nebraska universities.

"Not only are there cuts that we've been asked to take, the 49 million for our university system, but the additional cuts proposed by our governor, so he's asking, he's proposing an additional 2% cut which amounts to about $11 million this year, and an additional 4% next year or $23 million,” said Partridge.

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