Update: Humane Society's biggest rescue to date

    Central Nebraska Humane Society and Animal Control Officers rescue 201 animals. (NTV News)

    When they were first notified, Animal Control Officers expected 30 chickens to rescue at most.

    They were shocked when they saw the actual situation that put a couple hundred animals' health in danger.

    Animal Control Officers found five dead goats and at least 50 dead chickens during their second day of rescue.

    They had originally thought to have found one dead goat the first day.

    The home owner was said to have gotten the animals from relatives in the middle of a complicated situation.

    "We don't know how they got into the situation in the first place. All we know iw that they got overwhelmed with just getting too many animals and hard to take care of." said Mikayla Bailey, one of the three officers.

    According to city code, anyone who is responsible for any animal for more than 3 days in Grand Island becomes the owner of thsoe animals.

    The owners are not being named as of this time but when the owners came to the shelter on Friday after the rescue, they volunteered to give up the animals to the shelter.

    "They did come in and surrendered all the animals to us, which saved us a lot, because when we are taking 201 animals, if they don't surrender, we have to find fosters for them until we go through a lengthy court trial. Where as then they are surrendered we can rehome them right away," Bailey said.

    The officers are still figuring out the exact charges at this time.

    Many of the animlas had ticks, fleas, and worms but are currently being treated.

    The animals seem to be happier now that they are being well taken care of an living in sanitary conditions.

    All goats and chickens were relocated and adopted directly from the home.

    Dolly, a name the officers gave the bulldog, seemed to be shy and not used to the attention she was getting at the shelter.

    Many of these animals need a forever home so the shelter asks for anyone who is interested in adopting any of the animals to check on their website for updates.

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