Volunteers needed for Operation Shine Camp, a getaway for children on the autism spectrum

Operation Shine

Zip lines, fishing, horseback riding, and swimming are just a few activities children on the autism spectrum experience at Operation Shine Camp, and it happens in a safe and supportive environment for each child's needs.

"We have night watch for the cabins because kids with autism don't have great sleeping patterns so someone watches the cabins all night long to make sure no one gets out," said Kids & Dreams Foundation founder and executive director, Aaron Bly. "We have sensory rooms if they get over stimulated or have melt downs and there's four nurses on staff, and we have some therapists there as well."

Bly said for many of the campers, it is the first time they are on their own, away from their parents.

"So, it's really a great way for them to gain some self confidence," said Bly. "Also, what we've seen is that the parents at the end of the weekend when they get to see what all their kids have done provides them with a lot of hope that their kids can do great things and can do more than what maybe some other people have told them that their kids can't do. So we've just really seen both from the campers side and the parents side and the volunteers side that it's really a life changing experience."

To make this happen, the Kids and Dreams Foundation needs about 130 volunteers for Operation Shine Camp.

They are needed to be side-by-side with campers, organize activities, set and tear down, and much more.

Volunteer information can be found here.

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