Flint Mayor says billionaire's offer to help city is real

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    FLINT, Mich. - American business magnate, investor and engineer Elon Musk has promised to fix the water in any Flint house that has contaminated water above the allowable federal levels.

    Musk took to Twitter responding to someone who challenged him to help Flint with the water crisis.

    In his tweet, Musk said he would fix the water in any house in Flint that has water contamination above FDA levels.

    Flint Mayor Karen Weaver says she spoke with associates from Musk's headquarters Tuesday evening.

    "There was outreach from his office. They said they've been following and watching what's been going on in the city and what are the specific needs Flint still has," Weaver says.

    While some want new pipes, Musk himself offered water filters. Weaver says it's still a little early to know exactly what ways his help may come in the form of.

    "They want to make sure that they are doing things in a thoughtful and meaningful way for the residents. Instead of going in a bunch of different directions, they want to know specifically what will help the most," Weaver says.

    Weaver says she's always on the look-out for people who are able to help the city, but she admits she wasn't ready to find it through Twitter.

    "No. Now I have to figure out this one. It took me a while to learn Facebook. Now I have to get up to speed on Twitter, then there's this Snapchat and Instagram. I've got some work to do," she explained.

    Regardless of when the help comes, she believes this has already helped the city.

    "This goes to show you that Flint is of interest. Flint is important. It's good that people are still thinking about us and want to help us. We've come a long way and made a lot of progress, but we still have some work left to do," Weaver says.

    The State of Michigan declared Flint's water to be safe in April of 2018 and ended up giving away bottled water to Flint residents.

    Flint Mayor Karen Weaver responded to Musk requesting a conversation to talk about Flint's needs.

    Musk has been responding to reporters and citizens of Flint throughout the day.

    A Twitter user asked Musk if he could set up a website or a database where people can sign up for help.

    Musk tweeted back at the writer saying, "For now, reply to my tweet with ppm & ppb test results & will send someone to install a water filter. Creating email flint@x.com, but I’m in China so that won’t be working until tomorrow."

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