Suspect told reporters before Alt-right shooting: 'I didn't come here to be violent'

FILE: Image shows Tyler Tenbrink, a suspect in the October 19, 2017 shooting in Gainesville, Fla. after white nationalist speaker Richard Spencer addressed students at the University of Florida. Tenbrink and his two brothers, William and Colton Fears, face charges of attempted homicide. (WGFL)

Three Texas men all spoke to CBS 4 Gainesville at the Richard Spencer rally Thursday, hours before they were charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting at protesters.

Authorities arrested 28-year-old Tyler Tenbrink and brothers, William and Colton Fears Thursday night. Police say Tenbrink fired once at protesters while William and Colton Fears urged him to do it. Police say at least one of the men yelled, "Heil Hitler."

Prior to the incident, the men told CBS 4 they weren't in Gainesville to cause problems.

“I didn’t come here to be violent," Tenbrink said during the rally. "I don’t hate you or you or you. I don’t hate anybody. I just feel like it should be OK for me to love my people just a little bit more than to see them exist.”

Tenbrink also said he doesn't embrace Hitler.

At one point during the rally, the men were surrounded by protesters. "I do fear walking back to my car," Colton Fears said.

Police say it was the Texas men who were harassing protesters after the rally. Words were exchanged before they say Tenbrink fired the gun, striking a store.

They were caught hours later on I-75 by an off-duty Alachua County Sheriff's deputy.

Police say Tenbrink admitted to firing the gun.

“I'm willing to admit that I'm the type of person that will admit when I'm wrong,” he said during the rally.

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