Extension educators give updates on wind damage to crops

Extension educators give updates on wind damage to crops. (NTV News)

After setbacks, Nebraska farmers now make quick work of harvest.

Winds have devastated many growers this fall, but not so in southwest Nebraska.

The extension educator based in Grant says irrigated corn ranges from 200 to 280 bushels an acre.

They've had snow twice during harvest, but have not have the ears dropping we've seen in other areas and are anxious to wrap things up.

Extension educator Jenny Rees is based in York and travels several counties.

Prior to the week of Oct. 23, things were looking good. Irrigated corn ranged from 240 close to 300 bushels an acre, and dryland 150 to 210 bushels.

But with the wind, in some cases more than 100 bushels are on the ground.

Sarah Schlund travels from Lexington to Grand Island, and says some guys are disheartened with the wind damage.

Losses came across several different hybrids.

On a positive note she's had reports beyond 260 bushels an acre on irrigated corn, but losses on the ground from 5 to over 100 bushels an acre.

Traveling north to St.Paul, Ord, and the surrounding area, Troy Ingram reports corn yields are above average and many farmers are pleasantly surprised.

But again extreme winds are a factor, with 60 bushels or more on the ground and Troy says it really makes you sick to see.

Rodrigo Werle an extension crop specialist in North Platte reports winds as well.

His research plots show some hybrids did better at holding the ears than others.

He says producers and agronomists should take notes on which hybrids performed best in the wind.

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