Farmers report crop damage from recent storm as some regions remain dry

A wheat field in south-central Nebraska (NTV News)

Producers in the northern Panhandle reported storms that brought both moisture and hail for the week ending on May 13, according to the Nebraska Wheat Growers Association. Some areas reported severe damage to wheat, but those fields were limited to a smaller number of acres, with the worst damage reported on later planted fields that had less growth. However, additional damage to farm infrastructure, including reports of as many as 75 damaged or destroyed pivots, from the storms and wind had producers in the area concerned. Soil moisture levels remain adequate, but producers said some of the northern areas could still use more precipitation.

According to the USDA Crop Progress Report, topsoil moisture supplies rated the following:

  • 3 percent very short
  • 22 percent short
  • 71 percent adequate
  • 4 percent surplus

Subsoil moisture supplies rated the following:

  • 4 percent very short
  • 25 percent short
  • 75 percent adequate
  • 1 percent surplus

In the southern Panhandle rainfall ranged from .25 to 1.25 inches in the last week. Most of the wheat remains in the jointing stage, but the eastern half of the region may see flag leaf emergence in another week producers said. Most stands are reported in fair to good condition. No disease pressures have been reported for the region.

Some parts of southwestern Nebraska received precipitation while other portions of the region remained dry. Producers said soil moisture levels remain adequate, but they will soon need additional moisture. However, producers said there are no signs of drought stress in wheat within the region currently.

In south central Nebraska, producers expressed concerns about the continued lack of moisture. No significant precipitation has fallen in the region for over a month.

Producers in southeastern Nebraska reported receiving varying amounts of rain, with precipitation totals ranging from .2 to over an inch of moisture within the last week. Wheat stands continue to grow. While no disease pressures have been reported, producers continue to scout and are working to limit weed pressure as well.

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