Grand Island council approves Husker Harvest Days improvement funding

Husker Harvest Days field demo (KHGI)

Husker Harvest Days will be getting big bucks from the City of Grand Island after the city council approved a redevelopment plan Tuesday.

The farm show plans to make $7 million in updates to their grounds west of GI in the agreement approved Tuesday in an 8 to 0 vote the city has promised to fund up to $2 million of the project in exchange for the show continuing to use the site for 20 years.

“The [Community Redevelopment Authority] will issue a forgivable loan to Farm Progress for an amount not to exceed $2 million. The CRA will forgive $100,000 of the loan principal each year that a show is held until such time as the loan is forgiven,” the council packet said.

Show manager Matt Jungmann said improvements are needed to keep exhibitors and their dollars coming to the area.

The interlocal agreement means the CRA will give $200,000 in food and beverage occupation tax revenue to the show each year for 10 years.

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