In towns like Palmer, farm families like Mullers do it all

Palmer Band (NTV news)

Sometimes by choice, sometimes by necessity, small town kids do it all.

Some farm families wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’s true of Jeremiah and Candice Muller of Palmer. Their girls Kynzi and Kyleigh are in everything from Girl Scouts to volleyball, and 4-H to band.

But one thing comes first for these girls.

Kyleigh said, “We get up every morning and make sure our chores are done, all the animals are fed and watered.”

When the family’s not at school, they’re working on the farm along with their dad Jeremiah.

Candice said, “We all cooperate with 45 pair of breeding cattle, the kids pick and choose what they want to show for 4-H and FFA now that they're old enough.”

Candice is on the 4-H Council and getting their projects ready for the Merrick County Fair every year is a natural extension of farm life.

Kynzi said, “Working cattle, showing cattle, and hogs, just working around the farm, putting up fence, moving cattle.”

Their parents say that’s one of the things they love about a small community like Palmer, that their kids can have a broad array of experiences.

Two football players march in the Palmer band, and nearly all are in multiple activities.

And those activities could create opportunities as kids like Kynzi march towards the future.

Mom Candice said, “We've been to Husker games and she's like yeah, that's awesome, I'd love to go and play in UNL band, so hopefully that's a dream she keeps on pushing to.”

Half the band kids are also in FFA, and the ag classroom is next door to the band room, as many kids spend time on that side of the school.

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