Nebraska woman named "America's Pig Farmer of the Year"

Pig Farm (MGN)

Farm to table is not just a foodie buzz word, but a way of life for America’s pig farmers and for a pioneering female butcher slicing her way through the meat world’s glass ceiling. Most U.S. households regularly enjoy pork yet are probably unaware of the role women play on today’s farms.

Kari Underly, a pioneering master butcher from Chicago, will introduce you to the woman just named as America’s Pig Farmer of the Year. As the kickoff to October’s national pork month, the pig farmer and Kari will connect viewers to the family farm, showing a commitment to food safety and animal care.

For the U.S. pork industry, social responsibility is demonstrated every day by taking care of people, pigs and the planet and taking steps to continuously improve. Today, there are 60,000 pig farmers in the U.S. raising nearly 120 million pigs. The America’s Pig Farmer of the Year program recognizes the best pork producer in the country. Meet this year’s winner who excels at raising pigs through a dedicated focus on food and employee safety, animal welfare, the environment and community service.

(Courtesy of Kari Underly)

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