UNL research shows ragweed reduces soybean yields

UNL research shows ragweed reduces soybean yields (NTV News)

New research from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln shows that ragweed can pose a serious threat to soybean yield.

Once thought to be an innocent bystander to field crop production, UNL researchers said ragweeds can "drastically reduce soybean yields" by hogging the sunlight and shading soybeans.

UNL Ph.D. student Ethan Barnes said that treatment should start before the season does.

"So with weed science we're always using preventative, as opposed to like a reactive type of treatment - we always want to use preventative. We know the weeds are going to be there, cause they're there every year," Barnes said.

Barnes said re-planting or pre-herbicide can be the right step to take for farmers.

He added that the ultimate goal of the research is to find out whether it's financially viable to control ragweeds or just leave them in the field, so farmers can weigh the loss of the crop against the cost of killing the weeds.

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