A Bearcat Worth 1,000 Points

Head coach Drake Beranek gives plays to Koster to run in practice.

A couple weeks into the season, Kearney High's Kanon Koster already made passing another career milestone as a Bearcat.

Wasting no time transitioning from the football field to the basketball court, Kanon Koster makes another addition to his winter sport resume, surpassing 1,000 points scored in his time as a Bearcat.

"I didn't know until after the game," Koster said. "I think my dad might have told me or one of the coaches, so I kind of found out that way."

"Kanon is a lot of things that we want to exemplify to as a Bearcat," head coach Drake Beranek stated. "I don't think this will be the only award he'll get all year and I'm just excited for him and how his senior year plays out," Beranek continued.

With only 10% of the season complete, Koster's 100% effort in practice has prepared the senior to score 52 for Bearcat nation in just two games. 34 of which came over the weekend as Koster went 11–for–15 from the floor, while making four out of five from outside the arch.

"Kanon had a great day of preparation before the Bellevue West game," Beranek said. "You can tell that when our guys prepare well they play well."

"In this gym we always go into a game thinking we're going to win," Koster stated. "So I don't know if we necessarily thought we we're the underdog or anything, but we're confident enough going in their thinking we're going to win and I think we played well enough to do so."

Being a team player Koster never forgets the other four bearcats with him on the court. Spreading the wealth of this achievement to his whole squad. Who have their eyes centered on just one goal, win as a team.

"I'm just kind of focused on this week and just playing on Friday and Saturday and get two wins this weekend," Koster said. "Just hopefully we'll be able to grind out some wins this season."

Kearney High is back in action this weekend facing Lincoln East at home and Papillion La-Vista on the road.

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