AOW: Carter Terry of GI Northwest Football

Terry works with his offense in practice. 

Northwest football putting together a resounding victory over Alliance, 56–0.

It all started under center, as Carter Terry steered the Viking ship by throwing 40 percent of his completions for a touchdown.

In the world of football it doesn't get much better than a shut out win. Northwest got to experience that Friday night dominating Alliance High 56–0. All behind the arm of junior quarterback Carter Terry, who finished the night racking up nearly 300 yards and half a dozen touchdowns.

"We just come out there every day and see what we can do," Terry said. "Just do what we know what we can do."

Carter totaled to 282 yards Friday night out of just 15 completed passes and those six touchdowns went out to four different receivers. An accomplishment he says is all done with good chemistry and teamwork.

"We just practiced our regular plays and got those down perfect," Terry stated. "Just working on chemistry with receivers because timings a big part in our offense."

"Carters one of those where you got to be careful that you don't expect to much," Vikings head coach Kevin Stein said. "You know he had a stellar sophomore season throwing five touchdowns his first week, six touchdowns this week you know he's just one of those where we let Carter be Carter and enjoy the sport," Stein continued.

Terry had a lot to enjoy by the end of the first half leading the Vikings to a 42–0 lead. Then connecting for another scoring drive in the third quarter.

"You just got to stay focused and don't take your foot off the gas," Terry stated. "If you let off sometimes you're going to let the other team back into it so stay focused the entire game and just keep on going."

Four of Terry's six touchdowns came in the red zone, coming up with plays to outsmart the Alliance defense to find his receivers.

"You got to take what the defense gives you," Terry said. "If their playing off you can throw the short one, if they're playing up you throw the long one and take a shot maybe because they can get by them," Terry continued.

Even after a big win the hard work for Terry and the Vikings doesn't stop here. Knowing it will only get tougher as the season progresses.

"It feels good and just got to keep going each week and keep working each week," Terry stated. "We know some tougher opponents are coming up so we got to be ready for them to."

The Vikings face Columbus High this Sep. 8. on the road. Kickoffs at 7:00pm.

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