Ryan Weiss of Franklin fly's to his first state title

Weiss shoots a birdie on hole nine in two putts. (KHGI)

Ryan Weiss had his fair share of uphill battles at the class D state golf meet, yet the sophomore was able to stand the heat of a winner-take-all playoff and bring home the gold.

Two days and 36 holes are what stands between a golfer and a state title, a game with more course obstacles and opponents a true athlete must overcome.

"Put yourself in a good spot and just capitalize on the stuff you can capitalize on," Weiss explained. "Don't do anything you can't do and I think I did that pretty well."

"We came in with the idea lets just enjoy the walk and see what happens," head coach Adam Boettcher said.

A challenging journey Sophomore Ryan Weiss of Franklin managed to concur while playing the role as the underdog.

"I mean you just got to play a lot in the summer," Weiss stated. "I didn't do that as much as I wanted to but it doesn't get much better than this I guess. So just keep practicing I guess," Weiss continued.

"The kid has the ability to do whatever he sets his mind to," Boettcher said. "In terms of making that jump he just stuck to the game plan that I gave all five of my kids."

Finishing day one with a four over par, the Flyer settled in a spot with the 11:10 a.m. tee off group trailing the top four. But Weiss showed no intimidation by the standings and went right to work shooting three birdies and pars in the front nine. Leading his group by as much as five strokes.

"Hit it down the middle and a spot where you can make Bogey at the worst," Weiss explained. "I mean don't do anything you can't do and I think I did that pretty well."

"Birdie on nine I think really kick started him into the back nine and that was probably key," coach Boettcher said. "Getting that shot perfectly left of the pan and knocking it in for two."

Then as the back nine closed out, Weiss had clawed his way back to the top where he then faced last years state runner-up Mason Hale in a playoff. But a par on hole two would seal the deal for Weiss to pull off the upset and win it all.

"He played the rounds and just played easy, and he played it well," coach Boettcher stated. "I mean three over 75, that's a good day."

"I mean that sounds pretty nice," Weiss said. "But I don't know if it's fully set in yet so two more years left it should be fun."

This first place finish is a 14 spot jump compared to where Weiss finished his freshmen year. His final score was a +7 after both days.

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