The Duke of class B high jump, Mayson Conner sets new state record

Conner and his family pose for pictures following his victory at the Holdrege Invite. (KHGI)

Spectators at the Holdrege invite were spoiled with amazing high jump finishes and witnesses to a state record set by Mayson Conner of York.

After two state titles, a division one offer, and totaling almost 20 consecutive wins in his event, the Duke of York boys track, still found a way to raise the bar even higher. In one of the few track meets this spring season with good weather, the sun was shining down on York senior Mayson Conner, creating the best elements to have while making history.

"I kind of knew I could clear that bar the whole season," Conner said. "But a combination of good weather and there was a great atmosphere there to as well that helped."

Flying over the highest bar in every meet this season for the high jump, Conner once again found himself in a familiar situation at the Holdrege Invite as the last competitor in the event.

"I didn't necessarily think for sure it was going to happen that meet," Conner explained. "But that's been my goal this whole season, is to break the class record. So I knew it could happen at some point."

"Being in class B, we've usually had a tough time," head coach Don Perry said. "Mayson normally comes in when everybody is out of the competition, so there hasn't been anybody much over 6'4, or 6'5 this year until this meet."

Only this time instead of settling between 6'9 and 6'11 like previous meets, the two time state champ and Huskers commit managed to set a new meet record clearing the bar at seven feet for the first time this season.

"It's always about fundamentals," coach Perry stated. "Just stay true to yourself, stay fundamentally sound and you'll be fine."

"I knew he had the ups as I call them, just get the hips up there and everything else will follow with a few technical things up top and everything will be fine," coach Perry continued.

Then with only two and a quarter inches standing between him and the class B state record, Conner without hesitation raised the bar again clearing it on his final attempt to plant his name at the top of his NSAA classes record board.

"That third jump is always the most intense because you know you have to do it otherwise you're done," Conner said. "Then everything just came together and it was a good jump."

With his collegiate career right around the corner, it seems Mayson Conner's success will only continue to rise when you account his current PR in the high jump would tie for first in this year's Big 10 Indoor track championships, while landing him third in last year's outdoor conference meet.

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