Jonathan Novinski takes over the family legacy

GI freshmen swimmer Jonathan Novinski works out at the Grand Island YMCA.

The Novinski dynasty still continues for Grand Island swimming, this time under freshmen Jonathan closing out his first year with the Islanders breaking records and winning championships.

His high school swimming career may have only just begun, but Jonathan Novinski is already living up to the high expectations set by his older brothers adding his name to the school record board and winning conference titles.

It's not common to see a niner reigning from the top of the podium in high school sports. But for Islander swimmer Jonathan Novinski, that's a spot he's been working for many years.

"Really hit it hard this summer and then about two months ago it was all about getting strong," Novinski said. "Knowing that there's a possibility and keep training through the pain."

Inheriting one of the biggest names in the Grand Island Swimming program, Joanthan continues to the legacy built by his two older brothers, capturing two conference championships over the weekend in the 500 and 200 yard freestyle.

"It's all about hard work and training," Novinski continued. "Like I trained very hard and it just paid off I guess."

"He cranked out probably his best 50 in that race in his life", head coach Brian Jensen said. "Which I wasn't expecting because he's been in that pain all week."

From there the accomplishments only grew, as Jonathan discovered he also broke the meet and school record in the 500 yard freestyle by less than one second. A spot previously owned by his brother Daniel.

"It's been one of my goals to break my older brothers Daniel's team record," Novinski stated. "He's always motivated me his whole life, I was swimming and I took a breath and saw the time board and score board and saw my split and thought that was pretty quick I think I can do it."

Now that Jonathan has added his name to the record board, the Novinski name now owns seven of the school records and many more when you combine the state championships. Jonathan will also have a chance to add his name to that part of the legacy next week as he closes out his freshmen year next week for a state title.

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