The superior's of C2 basketball

Meyer hugs head coach Jim Sullivan after being awarded her medal in PBA.

The Superior Wildcats completed the volleyball-basketball sweep of state championships in a great C2 title game, dribbling their way up to first place as NTV's team of the week.

For most of these basketball Wildcats, being on top is deja vu. After leaving Lincoln in style last fall with their first volleyball title in program history, Superior returned to the big stage and took home their first C2 basketball title with almost the exact same roster.

"I'm most definitely experiencing some deja vu," senior Kalynn Meyer said. "It just hasn't hit me yet, like it did last year. I can't believe that we're state champs again."

Awarded the number three seed, heading into the tournament, the Wildcats climb to the state finals would still be a challenge. Averaging only a four point win in their first two games, plus needing Teghan Sullivan to come in clutch, draining a three pointer in the last 10 seconds.

"We just worked together as a team," Sullivan said. "Stay calm and the coaches kept us really confident."

"Those kind of games always help you because they make you get better," head coach Jim Sullivan said. "Because you know you've been in that situation before and you can overcome whatever situation you're facing."

Those challenges would continue for Superior into the championship game. As the Wildcats found themselves, down by seven at the start of the fourth quarter, but ignited a 9-2 run to take the lead in the final three minutes.

You hope that they don't extend that lead to eight, ten, or twelve because then you start to worry a little bit. But you know we got the defensive stops, you know our goal coming into the game and throughout most of the season is to hold teams under 40. That was our goal today, we felt like if we can hold them under 40, we can score more than that and we'll be a winner.

With less than 10 seconds to go, Ravenna tried to stay alive inside the paint, only to be rejected by a monstrous block by Meyer, leading to a failed in-bound pass to seal a Wildcat title.

"I knew she wasn't going to get this shot up," Meyer stated. "I had to protect the basket and keep confidence in myself and not foul," she explained. "But I did a great job getting position and going to block that."

Along with leading the Wildcats in scoring to their first state title, Meyer also surpassed 1,000 career points in only two years at the high school level. She also tied the state all time record for most rebounds in a season with 405.

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