TOW: Pleasanton Volleyball

Pleasanton holds inner team scrimmage at the end of practice.

Pleasanton High Volleyball is on fire this season winning 22 of their last 25 sets, putting the bulldogs on a 10 match win streak.

The latest of those wins come with the bulldogs going undefeated in the Fort Kearney Conference title.

Cruising their way into the spot light at NTV's Team of the week.

In the world of sports nothing is better for an underdog than pulling off an upset, an experience the Pleasanton Bulldogs will not soon forget.

"It was so fun and I remember after we won we had the dog pile," senior Keri Bauer said. "We all came out and rushed on the court. That was such a fun experience and something I'll never forget."

Defeating the Overton Eagles to capture their first conference title in nearly a decade.

"First practice we knew that we had high goals and we had athletes to accomplish that," Bauer stated. "So when coming into the tournament this is our goal now so we got to settle down and take control of it."

"We have a lot of younger players on our team and they're very athletic," sophomore Cadee Nichols said. "But some of them don't have much confidence in themselves, so winning that was a huge relief we were so excited for ourselves and like Keri Bauers said going out after the game and just diving on the court was so exciting and the fans, I just love the energy of the game."

Having only three days to practice from their last match, the Bulldogs worked as one unit, building a young varsity squad ready to topple any challenge.

"We are a very young team across the board," head coach Shane Nordby said. "We have four freshmen on Varsity and each one of them has made an impact throughout the year," Nordby continued.

"I think the hard thing to prepare for us against is not everybody is going to show up that night," Nordby said. "It's not going to be the same girl every week that's going to make an impact, so you take one away we have three or four others that can do the job."

Leading the pack senior Keri Bauer dominated the tournament with 20 kills in the three games and led the team with six blocks.

"It was just sticking together as a team and playing together as a team," Bauer said. "One thing that we kind of struggled with at the beginning of the year was errors and having more than we should, so that was one of our goals is having less errors so we can take control of the match early."

The post season is among us and the Bulldogs aren't looking to stay the underdogs much longer. Their progress this week moves them into the top 10 of class D1 making the team anxious for what lies ahead.

"We've always been the underdog, we try to push and stay consistent," Nichols said. "But this year we push each other to be better and it's just such a good feeling not being the underdog anymore and it's really fun to be part of this team."

"It really helps to have great athletes across the net pushing you," Nichols said. "Each day is a hard practice because everyone's pushing each other nobodies letting off," Nichols continued. "We're pushing each other when we're running whether it's suicides or all our other drills we're pushing each other and holding each other accountable."

The Bulldogs sit at 18-5 on the year, they face Ansley-Litchfield on Oct. 20th for their next match.

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