Black Shirts vs. Wisconsin Run Game

Defensive Coordinator Bob Diaco passes with team during warm-ups.

Bob Diaco and the Black Shirts continue to push back against the run–game going another week allowing their opponents less than 200 yards of rushing.

Last week the Huskers dominated their first Big 10 road game holding the Fighting Illini to only 199 yards of rushing.

Marking this the third straight game the team has held the competition under 200 yards.

Something the Black Shirts haven't done since the first three games to open the 2003 season.

But that all could change this Saturday when facing a Wisconsin offense who's racked up 21 touchdowns on the season.

Plus averaging over 230 yards a game, ranking 2nd in Big 10 rush offense.

"When you can run the ball like they can run it, you end up at a lot of 3rd down and shorts, that helps, hard team to stop on 3rd down and one or two," Diaco said. "The when you can run the ball a lot of those passing windows are open and they stay open," Diaco continued. "Guys are at the box, close to the box, attacking the box, attacking runs and a lot of passing windows are open. So they have a lot of players that are open, and they have a lot of players that can win individual match-ups like the Tight-Ends you pointed out."

The Huskers kick–off against Wisconsin Saturday at memorial Stadium at 7PM.

They announced earlier today for a Black–out. Fans are encouraged to deck–out in Black Husker Gear.

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