Community reacts to firing of Husker coach

Mike Riley works the sidelines of Kinnick Stadium Nov. 25, 2016 (NTV News)

The firing of Husker football coach Mike Riley didn't come as a shock to many people on Saturday, and many thought the firing was a good decision.

NTV News spoke with several fans who had a mixed reaction to the news.

"I knew he was going to get fired I just didn't know it was going to be the day after the game," said Carter Kimmons of Omaha. "That's how it goes. Gotta win!"

"Actually I just found out about it right now but I think it's good for Nebraska football," said Dave Sayler of Kearney. "They weren't playing with fire and enthusiasm and sometimes change is healthy and I just think this is the time."

"You know I like him, I think he's a good guy, I think his intentions were right, I just don't think he was right for the Husker program," said Bryan Shepherd of Colorado. "I'm looking forward to the changes we make in the future and what new blood can bring to the program."

"Good, it needs to be, he wasn't doing nothing so hopefully we'll get someone else to get those boys a goin' [sic]," said Curtis Steier of Kearney.

"I think he's a really nice fella and I wish they would have given him one more year try to turn it around," said Larry Bell of Elwood.

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