Fans give a big warm welcome to Scott Frost at Spring Game

Husker fans welcome coach Scott Frost back to the Big Red. (KHGI)

It was like a New Years party in the state capitol as football came back to life and it would seem every fan in the Cornhusker state is feeling the Frost.

As spectators descended onto Memorial stadium this morning, NTV's Scott Braswell caught up with many of them, eager to see the leader of their favorite college sport build up his new team.

Weather here for the Spring game, kind of cold, some rain, but it has not stop Husker fans from having a case of Frost fever. Nebraska just happy to welcome one of their own home. "Go big Red, go big red."

"Well I think everybody's excited for Scott to be back," Husker fan Brent Keller said. "Because he's from this area and he kind of understands the situation and the program and he's been here and lived it. Now he's going to coach it."

"I think he's brought a lot of excitement back that we've missed out on," Kathy Marckmann stated. "The last two–three years have been bad, pretty low spirit, and low key, he kind of brought life back to Nebraska."

"You know he went to Florida and turned a team that was literally nothing into a fantastic football program," Bill Kuhlman explained. "I think part of that is because he's got what it takes to get kids to feel good about what they're doing and motivates them very well."

"I think above all it's bringing in the culture that everybody in Nebraska wants and needs," Husker fan Collin Caldwell said. "Anything else from there like wins or loses I don't think matter this first year, let's get the culture in place and build from there."

"It's nice to have someone here that might remember the great traditions of the program," Shane Klinginsmith stated. "Just be excited about teaching the players all about those traditions."

Though still a long way to go before we get back to those glory days during Scott Frost's time playing in Memorial Stadium, but there were some big plays and exciting plays happening today in the annual spring game.

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