Frost says players lacked passion, fire in pregame

Members of the Nebraska Huskers come out for pregame warm-ups prior to the Red-White spring game on April 21, 2018 (KHGI)

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost with interesting comments on Sports Nightly, aired by the Husker Sports Network.

The coach says he wanted to see more energy and from the start, his players lacked a competitive passion and fire in their eyes when coming out for pregame warmups and they were playing from a position of fear rather than passion.

He also says he was appreciative of compliments regarding the offenses pace, but he's not happy with it yet and wants it to be faster.

Frost hasn't committed to a starting quarterback yet, either, but when he does, he wants one guy getting the snaps and isn't a fan of playing two guys. Frost believes it should clear up this summer and fall.

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