Nebraska's offensive line must get bigger, better

The Nebraska offensive linemen hustle up for a change during a spring practice on April 2, 2018. (KHGI)

Nebraska's rushing attack and pass protection certainly needs work based on the results from a season ago.

It's an option to point at running backs as an issue, some can look at an immobile quarterback as another problem, or a third option; squarely find fault in the offensive line, which must be better.

"I feel like we're going to have improvements all across the board," senior Tanner Farmer said. "So we're going to be able to push guys back and give some space for running the ball, and give the quarterback more time to throw the ball."

Last year, Big Red averaged 107.5 rushing yards per game last season – only 10 teams were worse in Division I. The Huskers also hovered around the midway point nationally by giving up an average of 2.08 sacks per game.

"I just feel like we're going to be overall improved, I can't give you one area," said Farmer. "These guys (coaches) aren't worried about improving this one thing, 'Oh we really struggled in pass pro last year so we just need to work on this.' No, we need to work on being a better offense as a whole in every area and not settle for mediocrity, be the best that we can be everywhere."

Farmer is one of five upperclassmen on the pipeline, the other 12 are sophomores or younger.

"I think we’ve got some really good attitudes and some good leadership with Jerald Foster and others," head coach Scott Frost said. "Depth could be an issue there, too. We need to stay healthy at several positions, offensive tackle is one. We need some young guys at offensive tackle to step up and prove to us that they’re ready to play and I hope they will."

Nebraska opens fall camp on Friday and media must wait until Aug. 8 to attend.

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